Glooko picks up Diabnext to launch digital diabetes management platform in France

In its second acquisition of the year so far, Glooko is forging ahead in its mission not only to bulk up its digital diabetes management offerings but also to expand their reach around the world.

The Fierce 15 alum’s latest target is Diabnext, a Paris-based company that has developed an online platform and accompanying mobile app to help diabetes patients track their daily health data and share that progress with their healthcare providers.

Like Glooko’s own platform, the Diabnext app automatically takes in readings from continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps and pens and other devices while also tracking each patient’s activity levels and analyzing the nutrition content of their meals throughout the day.

The collected data points are then arranged into daily, weekly and monthly analyses to give patients and their care teams a comprehensive view of their health over time.

Through the acquisition, the Diabnext platform has been rebranded as Glooko XT. Both it and Glooko’s existing platform—originally developed in partnership with Novo Nordisk—will be available to diabetes patients in France, and those already using the Diabnext app will continue to be supported by Glooko.

Glooko XT

Diabnext’s Paris-based team has been folded into Glooko’s workforce. The company’s French efforts will be overseen by Laurent Nicolas, the former CEO of Diabnext who has been named managing director of the program at Glooko.

“Not only will this allow us to continue to serve the diabetes community, but with Glooko’s resources and capabilities in device integration, we can now offer more tools to help healthcare professionals provide better care across diabetes-related chronic conditions for the patients they serve,” Laurent said in a statement.

The financial terms of the acquisition weren’t disclosed.

The Diabnext buy comes mere weeks after Glooko scooped up another European company to improve its digital tools, with both acquisitions undoubtedly fueled by the $30 million series D funding round the Silicon Valley-based company closed last spring.

At the end of January, it acquired Xbird, a German developer of artificial intelligence technology built to analyze the medical and behavioral data collected by wearables and other mobile devices, then use those findings to recommend behavior and lifestyle changes that could improve health outcomes.

Glooko said it would integrate Xbird’s AI into its diabetes management platform to predict patients’ actions and behaviors and to preemptively improve the outcomes of those actions by offering AI-generated, personalized interventions.

Once again, financial terms of the deal weren’t publicly disclosed.