A team led by the Wyss Institute has created reversible platelets that they say may not only reduce blood clots but might also prevent cancer from spreading.

The week’s biotech news included insight into how circulating tumor cells form metastases and how bacteria evade copper antibiotics.

A team co-led by Nobel Prize winner Harold Varmus created a model of small cell lung cancer that may help refine treatments during tumor development.

A class of HIV therapies that have been used for decades could cut age-related inflammation, a Brown University-led team found in mouse studies.

HIV mutates to evade immune antibodies that defend against pathogens. A Fred Hutch team has gained new insights into those mutations.

More than 20% of liver cancer patients have a gene mutation that could make them particularly responsive to mTOR inhibition, a Pitt team found.

A Boston University-led team found a novel activator of NRAS and developed a small molecule to inhibit the growth of NRAS-mutant melanoma.

A new study suggests that some gut immune cells modulate the process by which the body either stores ingested food as fat or uses it for energy.