A new partnership will test drug cocktails containing Karyopharm's new product Xpovio in cell samples from glioblastoma patients.

Broad Institute researchers have developed an RNA-editing strategy that they believe could someday treat brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

University of Southern California scientists suggest ghrelin, known for its role in regulating appetite, may also be important for memory control.

The week’s biotech news included positive results from a study of Merck’s Cavatak in bladder cancer and the use of CRISPR to reverse genetic deafness.

Targeting fatty lipids known as ceramides reverses insulin resistance and fatty liver, scientists from the University of Utah and Merck found.

Scientists found that Sprycel can temporarily shut down CAR-T cancer therapies in mice, protecting some from a dangerous side effect.

A team of scientists has cleared HIV from infected mice using CRISPR-Cas9 and a long-acting antiretroviral therapy.

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