Duke engineers have devised a short tail that's added to the guide RNA used in gene editing systems and that locks when it reaches its target.

Scientists at Boston Children's and MIT built CAR-T cells that are inspired by alpaca antibodies and can target protective proteins around solid tumors.

With the help of CRISPR, two separate team of scientists have identified a gene essential for the survival of microsatellite instability tumors.

Injecting a vaccine into tumor sites produced remissions in mice and some lymphoma patients in a study at Mount Sinai.

Two research groups have uncovered clues to immuno-oncology drug resistance, offering insight that could lead to new treatment strategies.

Inhibiting CD22 may help treat or prevent neurodegenerative diseases by restoring the brain's microglia, a Stanford team found.

The week’s biotech discoveries included an I-O triple therapy against ovarian cancer and a single protein target for three diseases.

A CD40-activating antibody combined with BMS's Opdivo and chemo shrunk tumors in 20 out of 24 patients with pancreatic cancer.