The week’s biotech news included an eFFECTOR drug that slows liver cancer in mice and insight into age-related muscle decline.

In mouse models, a combo of diabetes treatment Avandia and cancer drug Mekinist turns some breast tumor cells into fat.

A new screening system confirmed that an emerging class of cancer drugs called IAP antagonists have immune-boosting powers.

Scientists have used computer programs to design a protein that looks like natural IL-2 but that lacks the toxicities of IL-2 cancer drugs.

A new study shows that a protein called Tinagl1 can block two pathways triple-negative breast tumors use to grow and metastasize.

Provention Bio is developing a multivalent coxsackievirus vaccine for Type 1 diabetes and is on track to start clinical trials.

Researchers at the University of Toronto and UCSF point to the gut as the source of immune cells that mitigate brain inflammation in MS.

The week’s biotech news included a surgical gel that prevents tumors from spreading and an antibody against opioids.