Mount Sinai researchers showed that in male mouse models of heart attack, Cdx2 placental cells regenerated damaged tissue.

The week’s biotech discoveries included compounds in broccoli and ragweed with potential disease-fighting properties.

Immune molecules from sea lampreys could inspire new treatments for brain tumors, trauma and neurodegenerative diseases.

Inhibiting the PHLPP2 phosphatase enzyme could be an efficient way to suppress MYC-driven prostate cancer, scientists found.

Semma and Harvard scientists are reporting they've figured out how to regenerate high quantities of insulin-producing beta cells.

Wisconsin researchers have grown blood vessels from stem cells, and they identified a drug that may reduce complications of heart surgery.

In a first, a 15-year-old cystic fibrosis patient with an antibiotic-resistant infection was successfully treated with gene-edited phages.

The durability of bb2121 in multiple myeloma could be a concern, as the CAR-T is a key asset in BMS' $74 billion buyout of Celgene.