NGM presented data showing that its once-monthly nonalcoholic steatohepatitis drug improved insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes.

Understanding aging in cells beyond the brain could lead to new therapies for diabetes and more, Salk scientists say.

Scottish scientists have discovered two key immune molecules that help the body dispose of cancerous cells.

A combination of Viracta Therapeutics' nanatinostat and an antiviral drug produced a 58% response rate in an early trial.

Big Pharma is spending more on R&D than ever before, but the numbers hide how smaller biotechs are taking up the research mantle.

Ayala's pan-Notch, gamma secretase inhibitor AL101 showed positive response in triple-negative breast cancer patient-derived xenograft models.

A newly identified cell type that looks like a hybrid of B and T cells may play a key role in Type 1 diabetes, a Johns Hopkins-led team has found.

A Fred Hutchinson team developed gold nanoparticles that can deliver CRISPR to mouse models of HIV and inherited blood disorders.