The drug ACT017 from Acticor targets GPVI, a platelet protein that's critical for blood clot formation but doesn’t affect the regulation of bleeding.

Scientists from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and UPenn have used CRISPR gene editing to prevent a lung disease in mice before birth.

Scientists at Boston Children's and MIT built CAR-T cells that are inspired by alpaca antibodies and can target protective proteins around solid tumors.

By studying Ebola survivors' immune responses, scientists have gained new insights that could improve vaccine development.

Injecting a vaccine into tumor sites produced remissions in mice and some lymphoma patients in a study at Mount Sinai.

Allergan's experimental antidepressant rapastinel holds promise for opioid withdrawal symptoms, two scientists have found.

Two research groups have uncovered clues to immuno-oncology drug resistance, offering insight that could lead to new treatment strategies.

Inhibiting CD22 may help treat or prevent neurodegenerative diseases by restoring the brain's microglia, a Stanford team found.