A team of scientists clarified the role of the protein LRRK2 in tuberculosis, suspecting that it behaves similarly in Parkinson's.

Biotech developments over the past week include a new method for transferring memories and a compound that blocks cancer metastasis.

Researchers at American University believe they’ve uncovered a signaling pathway that prompts beige cells to burn energy.

A treatment that curbs an immune response in the brain could ward off poststroke inflammation.

Scientists at Duke have identified a pathway in the liver that they believe could be manipulated to reduce the deposition of fat in the liver, as well as…

Researchers in Germany pinpointed why targeting Notch and MAPK signaling individually may actually exacerbate colon cancer.

Biotech developments over the past week include a new idea for halting metastasis in breast cancer and a new method for reversing atherosclerosis.

Researchers at Imperial College London believe they’ve found a way to block multiple strains of the flu by targeting a protein it needs to survive.

Computational modeling predicted how tissue-engineered heart valves change in the body, allowing researchers to design customized valves.