A team of Stanford University scientists has found a way to direct a regenerative diabetes medicine to the right cells more precisely.

Neurimmune's antibody targets the misfolded SOD1 protein that has been implicated in a subset of ALS cases.

The week’s news included antibodies that lower the risks of bone marrow transplants and a new way to target a mutation in epilepsy.

UCLA scientists say they’re closer to understanding the genes involved in the overproduction of the neuron-damaging protein tau.

Using a library of gRNA-target pairs, Wellcome Sanger Institute scientists have developed a tool to predict CRISPR editing errors.

MIT scientists designed a material that allows osteoarthritis drugs to more deeply penetrate cartilage-generating tissues.

Combining EGFR inhibitors with drugs targeting Aurora kinase A killed cancer cells permanently, a University of California, San Francisco, team found.

A disruption of the biological clock and obesity's "signature" on the gut microbiome could explain obesity, a study has found.