Targeting CA19-9, a biomarker that's been used to assess pancreatic disease burden, may help treat pancreatic cancer, scientists found.

In mice, Kymera's lead drug promoted tumor regression, both on its own and in combination with BTK inhibitor Imbruvica.

A University of Pennsylvania team discovered that a protein called TOX helps determine the fate of exhausted T cells in cancer and other diseases.

Manipulating brain signals called sharp wave ripples may guide the design of future treatments for memory disorders.

Studies in rats suggest using a novel system to deliver a pufferfish toxin could offer a safe way to block pain.

NGM presented data showing that its once-monthly nonalcoholic steatohepatitis drug improved insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes.

Understanding aging in cells beyond the brain could lead to new therapies for diabetes and more, Salk scientists say.

A Harvard-led team has built brain organoids that mimic the cell types and connections that every human brain has.