Antimalarial drugs known as chloroquines play a role in inhibiting cancer cell growth by targeting the enzyme PPT1, researchers discovered.

A combination of Novartis' Farydak and Incuron's experimental CBL0137 made neuroblastoma disappear In mice.

Combining a RIP1 inhibitor with Merck's hit checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda holds promise in treating pancreatic cancer, GSK says.

Capitalizing on a process the body uses to eliminate overly aggressive T cells could be a new way to treat autoimmune diseases.

A phosphor-binding site on aberrantly spliced BRAF V600E could become a new target against drug-resistant melanoma.

Using broadly neutralizing single-domain antibodies from llamas, scientists have designed a vaccine that can potentially combat almost all flu viruses.

Scientists at Vanderbilt University found that a glutaminase inhibitor improved the anticancer activity of CAR-T cells.

Roche’s Rituxan and an anti-CD47 drug from Stanford shrank the cancers of half the patients in a phase 1 trial.