A Stanford team aimed at host cells to fight flaviviruses, while Harvard scientists examined the longevity of Zika vaccines.

Scientists at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center believe they've discovered a novel gene that can be inhibited with antisense…

Evotec will leverage its iPSC know-how with stem cell-based disease modeling to discover novel drugs for retinal diseases.

Two new research insights might help make checkpoint inhibition an effective option for many more lung cancer patients.

Biotech news over the last week included a reversible sealant to shore up eye injuries and a promising gene therapy for the immune disorder known as "…

At the annual ASH meeting, oncologists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute demonstrated how simple blood tests may hold promise for managing multiple myeloma.

A new form of CRISPR/Cas9 activates specific genes without making breaks in the DNA, which can reduce harmful side effects.

Roche is uncovering data from a Tecentriq trial in bladder cancer patients that could provide clues to countering resistance to checkpoint inhibitors.

Boosting the hedgehog signaling pathway stopped fat cells from growing in mice fed a high-fat diet.

The past week ushered in new discoveries of combination treatments for lung cancer and lymphoma, and nonopioid pain relief inspired by venomous sea creatures.