A CAR-T priming platform has been licensed to Elicio Therapeutics, which nabbed $30 million to help fund its first human studies.

University of Southern California scientists suggest ghrelin, known for its role in regulating appetite, may also be important for memory control.

An engineered form of E. coli that's designed to colonize solid tumors cleared primary cancer sites and reduced metastasis in mice.

Targeting fatty lipids known as ceramides reverses insulin resistance and fatty liver, scientists from the University of Utah and Merck found.

A team of scientists has cleared HIV from infected mice using CRISPR-Cas9 and a long-acting antiretroviral therapy.

It’s the time of year when we want your nominations for this year’s fiercest private biotech companies.

Blocking a protein called ATF4 in tumors driven by the gene MYC causes so much stress to cancer cells that they die, Penn researchers found.

The week’s biotech news included one stem-cell-derived treatment for diabetes and another for regrowing hair.