Shares in DBV rose on the back of the data, going a little way to erasing the big drop it suffered after missing its primary efficacy endpoint.

Gamida Cell has named Julian Adams, Ph.D.—its current chair and chief scientific officer of Clal Biotech—as its new CEO.

Controversial plans to allow the Pentagon to approve drugs and medical devices intended for use by soldiers have been set aside in the latest version of the…

The framework builds on the 21st Century Cures Act by setting criteria for the RMAT designation and outlining the benefits of the regulatory status.

Ionis Pharmaceuticals has signed the rights to a second antisense drug over to Janssen for a fee of $5 million.

A Yale team has developed an alternative gene-editing technology that they say replaces CRISPR’s “hacksaw” effect with a more precise “scalpel.”

A protein that senses and responds to high cholesterol could serve as a new target for drug development.

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, Bayer spends big on Loxo drugs, CureVac lands Cas9 deal, Gates invests in Alzheimer’s and more.