The synthetic biology unicorn will use the series E funds to continue building on a cell programming platform it thinks can upend multiple industries.

Spruce's lead drug reduced the level of three hormones overproduced by patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia, teeing it up for its next trial.

Trials for cancer drugs undertaken in Europe in the mid-2010s were flawed to such a degree as to “raise questions” over their true benefit to patients.

With $46 million, Boundless is using a new understanding of amplification mutatons to create a new class of drugs to fight difficult-to-treat cancers.

Moncef Slaoui and his colleagues at Medicxi have taken the wraps off a new oncology startupt hat wants to interrupt cancer cell-to-cell communication.

X4 Pharmaceuticals has a new R&D chief: Renato Skerlj, who founded the company alongside CEO Paula Ragan and biotech luminary Henri Termeer.

Henlius Biotech missed the $477 million goal it set for its IPO, but still made the top five biopharma IPOs this year with its $410 million listing.

The Merck-backed round positions Themis to take its chikungunya vaccine through phase 3 and start testing a cancer drug in humans.

Versantis will use the €16 million to trial a drug designed to remove toxic metabolites from liver disease patients.