The fund funneled around $16 million (€14 million) into the startups to support research into antibiotics and prophylactic vaccines.  

A connection between TDP-43, which has been implicated in ALS, and another gene could yield new approaches to treating the disease.

Celgene ended the week by expanding its CAR-T toolkit via a deal with Obsidian and placing an $80 million bet on Kyn.

A few days after leaving Insmed to take up an “employment opportunity on the West Coast”, Paul Streck has popped up at migraine specialist Alder.

Apple and J&J are teaming up to see if the Apple Watch can help catch and diagnose seniors with atrial fibrillation earlier and faster than before.

A University of Chicago teams has shown that a derivative of the hypertension drug Wytensin can protect myelin in animal models of multiple sclerosis.

Alzheimer’s drug developer Alzheon has pulled plans for a public listing on the Nasdaq for the second time in nine months.

Shares in the nanocap biotech shot up more than 100% in premarket trading before falling away somewhat as people dug deeper into the data.