The preparations follow animal studies that showed the vaccine offered better protection than earlier attempts to confer immunity to the virus.

German pharma Boehringer Ingelheim is putting a few hundred million euros on the table to snap up Swiss cancer biotech Amal Therapeutics.

Neon's personalized neoantigen vaccine coupled with Opdivo staved off cancer longer than Opdivo alone in patients with lung, bladder and skin cancer.

Merrimack CEO becomes Yumanity chief; Lilly Bio-Medicines head leaves key launches behind; and 23andMe's drug leader exits for biotech board roles.

The failure is a blow to the hypothesis that anti-amyloid drugs delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s when given before patients develop symptoms.

Broad Institute researchers have developed an RNA-editing strategy that they believe could someday treat brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

A CAR-T priming platform has been licensed to Elicio Therapeutics, which nabbed $30 million to help fund its first human studies.

Healx appointed Neil Thompson, Ph.D., a veteran of the British biopharma scene, as its chief scientific officer.