The FDA has greenlighted a mobile app from Hygieia to be used as part of d-Nav, its insulin management service.

The FDA has approved a new type of insulin pump that can be used with different components from other diabetes therapy systems.

MUSC and Medtronic have signed on to a value-based healthcare collaboration, to reduce the cost of chronic conditions through standard care pathways.

Sight Diagnostics, maker of point-of-care blood diagnostic hardware, raised $27.8 million to continue its expansion and fund U.S. regulatory efforts.

Hologic launched management software for its mammography machines that can predict the failure of X-ray hardware and help schedule early replacements.

Trice Medical plans to acquire S.E.G-Way Orthopaedics to offer both diagnostic and surgical solutions for minimally invasive orthopedic procedures.

The Canada-based units of Boehringer Ingelheim and IBM will work together to employ blockchain record-keeping technology in clinical trials.

Philips has launched its new EPIQ Elite ultrasound system, including the company’s first for vascular assessments.