Apple and J&J are teaming up to see if the Apple Watch can help catch and diagnose seniors with atrial fibrillation earlier and faster than before.

Proteus Digital Health launched a smart chemotherapy pill that aims to help oncologists track effectiveness and adherence in their cancer patients.

Roche launched its uPath software for digital pathology, billing it as an improvement in speed and performance over its previous version.

Brainsway, developer of transcranial magnetic device treatments for depression and OCD, plans to raise $30 million through a Nasdaq IPO.

Abbott received FDA approval for its Amplatzer Piccolo Occluder, which it describes as the world’s first implant for babies as little as two pounds.

CellMax Life was able to detect the small, precancerous colon polyps known as adenomas with close to 90% accuracy using a blood-based test.

The FDA cleared Ossio’s family of bio-integrative bone pins, which secure broken bones while leaving no permanent hardware behind.

GE Healthcare and Vanderbilt University are developing diagnostics that use AI to predict both efficacy and side effects of cancer immunotherapies.