Ceribell raised $35 million for its rapid-response EEG headband that quickly diagnoses patients suspected of having seizures with no visual symptoms.

The trade war between the U.S. and China has grown, with tariffs now reaching over $4.75 billion in U.S. medical device exports to the country.

Luciole Medical raised about $5.5 million to commercialize its minimally invasive probe for measuring blood oxygen levels in the brain.

Roche and Foundation Medicine launched a blood test, analyzing 70 genes known to drive solid tumor growth, to guide precision cancer treatments.

uBiome, which sells sequencing-based microbiome tests, is moving into therapeutics with $83 million in new funding, a new site and a new board member.

Medtronic moved to acquire spine surgery-focused Mazor Robotics, to merge it with its own implants, navigation and imaging offerings.

Boston Scientific launched a new kidney stone retrieval device allowing a single urologist to operate both a ureteroscope and basket simultaneously.

Fitbit launched a new health platform for insurance plans, employers and health systems, combining coaching and personalized digital interventions.