Novo Nordisk started a new collaboration with Abbott and its Freestyle Libre line of digital health tools and continuous glucose monitoring devices.

The FDA has greenlighted a mobile app from Hygieia to be used as part of d-Nav, its insulin management service.

The Federal Trade Commission is requesting additional information from Boston Scientific and BTG ahead of their proposed $4.2 billion deal.

MUSC and Medtronic have signed on to a value-based healthcare collaboration, to reduce the cost of chronic conditions through standard care pathways.

Johnson & Johnson is diving deeper into robotic surgery with a $3.4 billion deal for Auris Health, designer of endoscopes aimed at lung cancer.

Hologic launched management software for its mammography machines that can predict the failure of X-ray hardware and help schedule early replacements.

Trice Medical plans to acquire S.E.G-Way Orthopaedics to offer both diagnostic and surgical solutions for minimally invasive orthopedic procedures.

The Canada-based units of Boehringer Ingelheim and IBM will work together to employ blockchain record-keeping technology in clinical trials.