Abbott has received European approvals for two devices designed for children and infants with life-threatening heart defects.

Using ultra-small implants being developed by Iota Biosciences, Astellas Pharma hopes to explore new methods of delivering diagnostics and therapies.

The collaboration is similar to a contemporaneously announced move from the two companies’ competitors, Abbott and Sanofi.

The collaboration with Hansoh Pharma, Atomwise’s first partner in Asia, aims to design new drug candidates for up to 11 undisclosed protein targets.

The measure of success for 10x Genomics is not the IPO dollar amount, but instead the discoveries made by researchers using its hardware, the CEO said.

Pfizer is planning to establish a multinational network of research hubs focused on artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

AI-based drug designer Insilico Medicine has raised $37 million to commercialize its technology, on the heels of a landmark paper for the company.

Apple plans to launch three healthcare studies conducted through a new research-gathering app.