Factory-CRO Group, a medical device and in vitro diagnostics-focused CRO, has merged with U.S.-based Boston Biomedical Associates.

Schrödinger has snared $85 million in financing that will be used to support its computational platform and expand its pipeline.

Staff at the office will create tools that sponsors and the FDA can use to streamline the development and regulatory assessment of drugs.

MabSpace and HJB have formed a new biotherapeutics organization dubbed Transcenta Holding.

Novotech adds Oracle’s Trial Management and Monitoring Cloud Service to support its work in the Asia-Pacific region.

WuXi AppTec shares firm some a week after the company debuted its IPO on the Hong Kong exchange.

Pharmaceutical Product Development is adding more punch to its therapeutics offerings with new leadership.

AstraZeneca is partnering with Cancer Research UK to debut a new research facility that will focus on using CRISPR and other functional genomics tech.