Using CRISPR screening, a UT Southwestern team found an interferon-stimulated gene that's key to resisting Zika.

Researchers from Cincinnati Children’s have grown esophageal organoids entirely from stem cells. Their work could yield treatments for GI diseases.

Roche and Foundation Medicine launched a blood test, analyzing 70 genes known to drive solid tumor growth, to guide precision cancer treatments.

Former Merck clinical research leader Arthur Santora is coming out of retirement to serve as chief medical officer of Entera Bio.

uBiome, which sells sequencing-based microbiome tests, is moving into therapeutics with $83 million in new funding, a new site and a new board member.

Medtronic moved to acquire spine surgery-focused Mazor Robotics, to merge it with its own implants, navigation and imaging offerings.

UNC scientists are making progress using a personalized form of immunotherapy to eradicate HIV reservoirs.

GTx’s lead candidate, enobosarm, did not meet its primary endpoint in a phase 2 trial involving women with stress urinary incontinence.