The MDC identified efforts to make informatics tools, preclinical models, data and samples available to startups as the best uses of its resources.

Two separate studies are unlocking the structure and function of Klotho proteins and shedding new light on their role in age-related disorders.

Carmot Therapeutics' series B will carry its lead Type 2 diabetes drug through clinical proof of concept.

The company's Owkin Socrates platform applies transfer and federated learning to clinical research.

Gottlieb talked up the prospect of releasing redacted CRLs in his confirmation hearings but has now watered down his interest in the idea.

Celgene is lining up another deal for CAR-T biotech Juno Therapeutics, according to several media reports.

The pact sets Merck up to work with researchers at CRUK’s unit at the ICR on three preclinical oncology projects.

We catch up with Doug Ingram, chief at rare disease biotech Sarepta, and discuss how he aims to remove the term “controversial” in front of the company’s name.

AveXis is expanding trials of its gene therapy for children with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) as it plays catch-up with Biogen and Ionis.