No fewer than five biotech IPOs debuted Thursday, raising more than $460 million and with more in the offing if underwriters take up further options.

Molecular Partners has rejigged its team, hiring Pamela Trail from Regeneron to serve as CSO and shunting Michael Stumpp across to the COO position.

BrainStorm is considering providing an experimental therapy to ALS patients under the recently passed U.S. right-to-try law

Eidos' $106 million IPO comes on the heels of a $64 million series B and will support phase 2 and phase 3 trials of its TTR amyloidosis drug.

Anika's hopes of a mid-2019 U.S. approval for arthritis drug Cingal are dashed by a late-stage trial miss, but it's not giving up on the project.

The MPM Capital-led series B tees iTeos up to start dosing patients with an adenosine A2A antagonist later this year.

TG Therapeutics will fund and run early-phase clinical trials of the treatment for hematologic B-cell malignancies.

The data, taken from three patients, showed a 38% increase in a muscle protein that boys with DMD usually lack.

Vertex's newly expanded site covers 170,000 square feet, boosting Vertex’s ability to hunt for the next generation of blockbusters.

Can-Fite won’t get a readout from its midstage trial of liver cancer drug namodenoson as soon as hoped, but says the data so far are looking good.