Glooko, Novo Nordisk unveil joint diabetes management app

Back in January, Glooko and Novo Nordisk struck a deal to jointly develop digital products to help people better manage their diabetes. Now, the duo is debuting their first offering—an app that integrates blood glucose and activity data that will also act as a launchpad for further products.

The Cornerstones4Care (C4C) Powered by Glooko app uses Glooko’s digital diabetes management platform to sync blood glucose and activity data from a range of diabetes devices and fitness wearables, the companies said in a statement. The app highlights trends in a patient’s data to help them understand how different factors can affect glucose levels.

While Glooko brings its technology to the table, Novo Nordisk contributes a wealth of diabetes knowledge and its Digital Health Platform, developed in collaboration with IBM Watson. The new app connects patients to content and resources from Cornerstones4Care, Novo’s personalized support program for people with diabetes. The app is available for free to patients enrolled in the program.

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"More people than ever are using mobile apps for chronic disease management, and the apps, like the new C4C app, go beyond data capture or tracking to providing insights and recommendations based on that data,” said Glooko CEO Rick Altinger in the statement.

"Ultimately our digital health solution will help health care practitioners gain round-the-clock insight into their patients, and empower people with diabetes to better manage their diabetes, with the aim of ultimately leading to better diabetes management outcomes."

Most recently, Glooko reeled in $35 million to continue developing its technology and to boost its presence in several markets. The company has been making or extending partnerships—in April, Glooko teamed up with Fit4D, a diabetes coaching company, to connect its users to certified diabetes educators, such as clinicians and dieticians. And in June, Glooko and Dexcom expanded their partnership to allow the latter’s devices to sync with the Glooko app in real time.