Glooko, Fit4D combine digital diabetes management, human coaching

Glooko and Fit4D, a diabetes-focused health coaching service, are combining their offerings to provide patients with an “end-to-end” solution for diabetes management.

Under the partnership, the duo will combine Glooko’s digital platform, which integrates data from an array of diabetes devices, and Fit4D’s technology that connects patients to a team of certified diabetes educators—including clinicians and dietitians—that coach individuals who are learning to manage their disease. The combined platform will result in one of the most “scaleable, integrated diabetes management offerings,” the companies said in a statement.

Glooko integrates data from a range of devices, such as glucose meters and insulin pumps, into a single platform where it is analyzed, so diabetics may view their data on a mobile app and use it to make decisions to manage their diabetes. Patients may add context to their data by entering information about their food, exercise and medication, and they may also choose to share their data with their care teams.

The combined solution will make this patient data available to Fit4D coaches, who will be able to provide patients with individualized and comprehensive support.

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“Fit4D’s depth of clinical experience and years of diabetes expertise extends the value of the Glooko diabetes management platform and offers organizations without coaching an integrated diabetes management solution, said Glooko CEO Rick Altinger. “Combining the quantitative data from Glooko with the expert coaching and qualitative data on patient barriers and confidence from Fit4D allows us to jointly provide a flexible end-to-end solution that provides important and relevant support to people with diabetes.”

In September, Glooko announced the close of its merger with Sweden’s Diasend, a move that expanded Glooko’s reach to 4,000 diabetes clinics in 23 countries, and brought the number of compatible devices to exceed 160.

And in January, the company teamed with diabetes leader Novo Nordisk to develop “digital health solutions” to boost diabetes management. While the pair kept mum on the details, they said the partnership would focus on helping diabetics adhere to their medication and help healthcare professionals manage their patients.