Glooko, Ascensia integrate their offerings to boost diabetes management

In its second partnership announced this month, Glooko is teaming with Ascensia Diabetes Care to connect the latter’s blood glucose monitoring systems to its diabetes data management platform.

Under the partnership, the pair will integrate Ascensia’s Contour Next One and Contour Plus One systems into Glooko’s platform. The goal is to improve diabetes data management and analytics for patients and physicians. Earlier this month, Glooko and Novo Nordisk joined forces to develop "digital health solutions" for diabetes management.

The Contour Next One system earned FDA clearance in November and comprises a smart blood glucose meter and app to help patients better understand and manage their diabetes. The meter sends blood glucose data to the app via Bluetooth.

The Contour systems will also connect with Glooko’s platform using Bluetooth. Patients will be able to view their data in the Glooko platform as well as in the Contour apps, according to a statement. Meanwhile, physicians will be able to access patient data in the Glooko Clinic Solution.

“Glooko’s Diabetes Data management Platform has become widely used for both personal and clinical diabetes data analytics and decision support,” said Ascensia CEO Michael Kloss, in a statement. “Glooko’s broad distribution into health systems will enable us to easily and seamlessly deliver highly accurate data from our Contour Next One and Contour Plus One blood glucose monitoring systems to clinicians right in their workflow.”

Created in the sale of Bayer’s diabetes business to Panasonic, Ascensia operates in 38 countries and markets its products in more than 125. Last year, Glooko dramatically expanded its reach when it merged with Sweden’s Diasend. The company’s platform now downloads data from more than 160 diabetes-related devices and covers 4,000 diabetes clinics in 23 countries.

The agreement covers all markets where Glooko and Ascensia’s products are sold, according to the statement. The integration will be available later this year.