Glooko, Dexcom boost partnership, offer near real-time cloud access to data

Glooko added Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitors to its diabetes management platform in June 2015. Now the duo is expanding their partnership: Dexcom CGM data will now be synced to the Glooko system via the cloud rather than through a cable or through Apple Health.

Glooko’s mission is to integrate diabetes data from various diabetes devices, such as insulin pumps and glucose meters, into its platform, making it easier for patients to manage their disease and for physicians to manage their patients.

Usually, this is done through a USB cable, Glooko's MeterSync Blue device, which plugs into a glucose meter and transmits data to the Glooko app via Bluetooth, or through the Apple Health app, which requires the patient to opt into data sharing with Apple and link Glooko to Apple's HealthKit.

While these methods are "extremely successful," said Vikram Singh, Glooko product manager for data products and analytics, the new cloud integration allows Glooko to do more. The Glooko platform will be able to passively collect data from all available Dexcom CGMs, so healthcare professionals don’t need to wait until the patient has a moment to sync his or her data.

“With this expanded relationship and ease of delivering Dexcom CGM data into Glooko, clinicians have additional options available to make better and faster treatment decisions,” said Steve Pacelli, executive vice president of strategy and corporate development at Dexcom, in a statement. “Glooko’s extensive clinical presence and use by people with diabetes globally make it an obvious choice to strengthen our partnership.”

Glooko and Dexcom aren’t alone in offering on-demand access to diabetes data via the cloud. Earlier this month, Smart Meter earned FDA and EU clearances to market its glucose monitoring system that connects a blood glucose meter to a cloud-based platform through the internet of things network. The iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitoring system does not need cables, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to the platform.

Glooko has been on a roll of late. In April, the company announced it would combine its platform with Fit4D’s health coaching services. The combined platform would make diabetes device data in Glooko available to health coaches—including clinicians and dieticians—who may provide patients with individualized support.

Earlier this year, Glooko joined forces with diabetes drug giant Novo Nordisk to develop “digital health solutions” for patients. And last fall, Glooko merged with Diasend, expanding its reach to 4,000 diabetes clinics in 23 countries and raising the number of diabetes devices it syncs with to more than 160.