Smart Meter’s connected glucose tracking system picks up U.S., EU nods

The iGlucose visualizes diabetes data for patients and helps physicians "digitally triage" their diabetes patients. (Smart Meter)

Smart Meter has earned FDA clearance and a CE mark for its glucose monitoring system that facilitates communication and data sharing between patients and their care teams and loved ones.

The iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitoring system comprises a connected blood glucose meter, which automatically transmits data to a cloud-based portal displaying an individual’s diabetes data in charts and graphs so he or she may spot trends easily.

What sets it apart from similar glucose meters, the company said, is the ease with which it connects to the portal. It does not require cables, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect—the patient simply registers the device on the portal, enabling two-way communication via the internet of things network.

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Similar devices include Ascensia’s recently cleared Contour Next One system, which includes a smart glucose meter that syncs via Bluetooth to a smartphone and app. Livongo debuted a new version of its connected glucose meter last November. While its device has always been cloud-connected, the new iteration can receive updates and feedback wirelessly.

"The web-connected glucose meters available today have shown limited results because they're so complicated to use,” said Smart Meter CEO Cliff McIntosh in the statement. “We're excited about our regulatory approvals because the iGlucose System's ease of use makes it possible for family, friends and healthcare professionals to be truly engaged and support the person with diabetes in their daily diabetes management.”

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While the system sends personalized tips and reminders to the patient, its connected nature allows loved ones to send encouraging notes, or a pharmacy to remind him or her to refill test strips for the glucose meter, the company said. It also sends alerts to care providers and loved ones containing glucose data and other information.

Physicians may use the iGlucose portal to “digitally triage” their diabetes patients, Smart Meter said. The software’s ability to identify “hot spots,” or moments where specific patients’ glucose levels are too high or too low, in patient data allows them to focus on patients who need their care most at a given time.

Smart Meter plans to roll out the system in the U.S. and U.K. this year.