Glooko makes its management app free to any person with diabetes

Glooko has made its mobile app free for any person with diabetes, ditching the subscription fees that had applied to users who were not sponsored through their provider, health plan or employer.

The move comes on the heels of announcements promising that the 2015 Fierce 15 company’s product will be compatible with platforms such as Senseonics’ implantable, long-term continuous glucose monitoring hardware, as well as the upcoming connected insulin pens from Novo Nordisk.

While one-time hardware costs may still apply, Glooko’s free version will include all the previously available features, including helping users track their glucose levels and spot trends connected to synced food, exercise and medication data. It also allows healthcare providers to check in and monitor progress remotely.

“I am thrilled we are removing the subscription fee for users of the mobile app—this will allow anyone who wants to use Glooko for self-management to be able to do so,” CEO Russ Johannesson said in a statement, adding that it will also allow providers to monitor larger patient populations. “Diabetes is a very complicated, data-intensive condition; more frequent support for patients is critical in helping them better manage their diabetes.”

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According to the company, its remote monitoring programs have been shown to help improve average blood glucose outcomes by 12%, after three months of patient coaching, and helped reduce hyperglycemia events by 15%.

For users of Senseonics’ 90-day Eversense CGM system—launched in August of last year—logged blood glucose, insulin, food intake and other data will be shared with Glooko after connecting their Eversense account in the cloud, the company said in a statement.  

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“Glooko has a large database of millions of users who are now able to see a clearer picture of their glucose profiles by integrating Eversense CGM data,” said Senseonics President and CEO Tim Goodnow. “With personalized medicine at the forefront of healthcare, data integration between Eversense CGM and Glooko helps provide customized data for users as well as healthcare providers.”