Sensyne launches real-world patient data platform, joining growing call for such data

U.K. artificial intelligence company Sensyne Health has come out with a new real-world data analytics platform for healthcare and life sciences companies. 

The AI platform taps into a dataset of anonymized and de-identified data from 2 million patients through research partnerships with the U.K.'s National Health Service and U.S. health systems. The data set is expected to quintuple to 10 million patients by the end of this year, Sensyne said Thursday. 

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While 10 million sounds like a lot of patients, Sensyne predicts its platform will boast access to 100 million patients by 2024. Current health areas available on the platform include heart failure, stroke and hematological cancers. Six more disease areas will be added by the end of December. 

Sensyne's new platform is meant for clinicians, academic researchers and life science professionals to analyze health insights but not direct patient data. The platform is also meant to be used as a way to network and collaborate with other researchers.

Medical researchers can also use the tool to analyze the feasibility of running clinical trials where the control arm is a virtual patient group with real-world data.

Sensyne's launch comes amid the push for real-world evidence studies and other so-called real-world data collaborations. IQVIA is teaming up with HealthCore, Merck is linking arms with McKesson, and Datavant and Real Chemistry are joining forces on real-world data.