Fresh off $7B merger, Datavant inks real-world data partnership with Real Chemistry

Real Chemistry and Datavant know how to combine forces and synthesize data for big decisions. Real Chemistry gobbled up 12 companies, hired 600 people in 2020 and rebranded in March. Meanwhile, Datavant inked a whopping $7 billion deal to combine with medical records platform Ciox Health in June. 

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Now, Real Chemistry and Datavant are getting real with the vast hordes of data that the pair thinks can help deliver on new gene therapies and precision medicines. The companies are linking arms, for an undisclosed amount, to help biotech and pharmaceutical companies connect their proprietary de-identified first-party data with real-world data. 

Through its machine-learning unit, Real Chemistry has more than 300 million de-identified patient journeys and an eye-popping 65 billion anonymized social determinants of health signals as its ready. was swooped up by Real Chemistry, then called W2O, in January. 

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That seemingly never-ending treasure chest of data could be paramount in helping diagnose the patients eligible for gene therapies and precision medicines. Because of difficulty diagnosing those patients, the population is underserved, the companies said. 

Through the collaboration, the companies aim to connect clinical trial data with specialty pharmacy information, natural history, registry data and broad claims databases. Bringing all of that information together will ideally shorten the diagnosis window, lead to more personalized therapies and enhance clinical trials while protecting the privacy of patients, said Jonathan Woodring,'s general manager, in a statement. 

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The two companies recently worked together to help a biotech company identify, diagnosis and test patients with hereditary ATTR amyloidosis, a difficult-to-diagnose multi-organ disease that impacts about 50,000 patients worldwide. 

Datavant is no stranger to joining real-world data pacts. The company is working with Medidata and TriNetX to mine real-world data, which is collected outside of a typical clinical trial, for better safety and efficacy of investigational therapies.