The planned IPO will give Verrica the money to take a treatment for viral skin infection molluscum through phase 3 and onto the market.

The cash equips Lava to advance bispecific engagers of γδ T cells, a small subgroup of lymphocytes involved in natural and induced immunity to cancer.

Takeda's $62 billion acquisition of Shire added $31 billion to its debt load. Now, it's looking to cut costs where it can.

A team of scientists clarified the role of the protein LRRK2 in tuberculosis, suspecting that it behaves similarly in Parkinson's.

Early data suggest the new batch of therapies is at least as effective as its predecessor, clearing a potential pitfall on Spark’s path to market.

The strategic partnership tasks Evotec with applying its R&D toolkit to the discovery of solid tumor drugs that Celgene will then pick up and advance.

A project that aims to rev up the search for drugs to treat antimicrobial-resistant infections has picked up two more deep-pocketed backers.

Sesen Bio presented three-month data showing that its bladder cancer drug Vicinium had a 43% complete response rate.