Celgene is paying Exscientia $25 million up front in a three-year discovery deal for three programs in oncology and autoimmunity.

Nimbus promoted Jennifer Rocnik, Ph.D., to vice president of biology and Alan Collis, Ph.D., will serve as vice president of preclinical development.

At the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology this week, a new analysis of Merck’s anacetrapib cast a shadow on DalCor’s hypothesis

It’s a pretty good news day for NGM Bio: Merck doubled down on its R&D pact, and it’s nabbed a Genentech executive to help run its trials.

The committee spoke out against clinical applications of human germline genome editing and called for stronger global governance of the field.

The deal gives Alexion rights to an anti-FcRn drug designed to have a longer half-life than rival assets in development at Argenx and UCB.

Merck is extending its 2015 R&D pact with NGM Bio for a broad range of early-stage assets. It's also culling one therapy that didn't work out.

Vivet is in the crosshairs of Big Pharma Pfizer as the U.S. giant looks to get in on the new industry craze of buying up small gene therapy biotechs.