Fresh from reporting clinical data at ASH, Immunochina has raised $20 million to speed up its CAR-T development programs.

VOS failed to best the tolerability of Allergan's Restasis but delivered superior efficacy, suggesting it may have an unexpected edge over its rival.

Wren Therapeutics will use the series A round to advance its research into drugs to treat protein-misfolding diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

A Fred Hutch team has figured out how to kill dormant breast cancer cells using compounds that disrupt a protective signaling system.

Samantha Paston’s appointment is part of a broader effort by Scancell to add experience as it steps up its immunotherapy development activities. 

The fund funneled around $16 million (€14 million) into the startups to support research into antibiotics and prophylactic vaccines.  

A connection between TDP-43, which has been implicated in ALS, and another gene could yield new approaches to treating the disease.

CMO Sean Bohen and I-O head David Berman are leaving AstraZeneca, while Roche's Omar Khwaja and Pearl Huang land at new biotechs.