Roivant is debuting another "vant," dubbed Sinovant, whose mission is to "bring innovative medicines" to—you guessed it—China.

Arrakis CSO Jennifer Petter and Janssen's Clark Musto shared what it means to be trans in the biotech industry.

SIGA Technologies tested its smallpox drug in 359 healthy volunteers to demonstrate safety and relied on animal data to show efficacy.

Another study warns of potential toxicity with CRISPR gene-editing, and gives investors in biotechs developing the technology the jitters.

Presage has an intratumoral microdosing platform designed to quickly evaluate how experimental solid tumor therapies perform in humans.

The mechanism by which PARP inhibitors in BRCA-mutated cancers work could make them applicable to many more cancer types.

Sangamo's SVP and Chief Technology Officer Michael Holmes is resigning to join an unnamed biotech startup.

GlaxoSmithKline is close to ending a six-decade drought in relapse-preventing therapies for Plasmodium vivax—one of the most common forms of malaria.