Scientists at Duke have identified a pathway in the liver that they believe could be manipulated to reduce the deposition of fat in the liver, as well as…

With the diabetes project moving to within a few years of the clinic, Novo is stepping up its interest in stem cell therapies more broadly. 

Jounce shares fall after publication of an ASCO abstract giving initial data from a trial of its first-in-class ICOS inhibitor JTX-2011.

The drug shrunk the tumors of most patients in the trial, raising hopes it can become a new treatment option for patients with RET-altered cancers.

Researchers in Germany pinpointed why targeting Notch and MAPK signaling individually may actually exacerbate colon cancer.

Salomon Azoulay will serve as chief medical officer, while Adele Gulfo joins as chief of commercial development.

The change comes 20 months after the then-flailing biotech merged with Viventia Bio and refocused on oncology.

The BIA wants the government to “democratize” biotech investing by eliminating perceived barriers to more widespread participation in the sector.

EIP Pharma is enrolling a phase 2b trial of neflamapimod, which targets synaptic dysfunction.

Aquinnah's new VP of research will head up its discovery efforts for treatments targeting neurodegenerative diseases.