The FDA approved a molecular diagnostic test that can match blood donors using patient DNA.

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, the two largest dialysis companies in the country have opened their doors to all patients seeking treatment.

Medtronic disabled internet updates to two CareLink devices that program pacemakers amid concerns of cyberattack vulnerability, according to Reuters.

Otsuka and Proteus re-upped their smart-tablet partnership for another five years, aiming to develop a new generation of ingestible sensors.

Myriad Genetics and Pfizer have expanded and cemented their companion diagnostic agreement for the BRACAnalysis CDx test and talazoparib.

Oxford Nanopore launched MinIT, a pocket-size data analysis device that works with its portable MinION sequencer to offer mobile genomics research.

Digital health data from smart-inhaler maker Propeller Health found that certain clinical guidelines for assessing control of asthma may be outdated.

The FDA broadened its premarket approval of Carl Zeiss Meditec’s laser eye treatment to include nearsighted patients with astigmatism.