Thermo Fisher, Biocept team up to pitch liquid biopsy service to pharma

Thermo Fisher headquarters
Biocept and Thermo want to establish the liquid biopsies in companion diagnostic and clinical trial programs. (Image: Coolcaesar/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Thermo Fisher is set to collaborate with Biocept on the commercialization of liquid biopsies. The collaborators will validate the use of Thermo Fisher's Oncomine NGS liquid biopsy panels at Biocept’s laboratory before pitching diagnostic testing services to biopharma companies.

Validation of the Oncomine NGS panels is step one of the collaboration envisaged in the non-binding memorandum of understanding signed by the companies. The validation, which Biocept expects to complete early in the third quarter, will lay the groundwork for the rest of the collaboration. Thermo will designate the Biocept laboratory as a center of excellence for liquid biopsies and set about trying to carve out a piece of the market for such services.

Biocept and Thermo plan to start their commercial collaboration by jointly targeting pharmaceutical companies. These efforts will seek to establish the liquid biopsies in companion diagnostic programs and as enablers of clinical trials and other drug development activities. Biocept also plans to secure reimbursement to provide the collaboration with another source of income.

In the longer term, Biocept and Thermo may introduce new products derived from the integration of the former’s Target Selector liquid biopsy technology and the latter’s Ion Torrent NGS platform and Oncomine liquid biopsy panels. 

Each of the initiatives builds upon between an existing relationship between the two companies. 

“We have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Thermo Fisher from the time we launched our Target Selector liquid biopsy molecular platform, and look forward to bringing additional best-in class liquid biopsy tests to both pharmaceutical and clinical clients from this collaboration,” Biocept CEO Michael Nall said in a statement.