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Process Characterization: Ready For the FDA?

Eight years after the FDA issued its guidance of process validation, some still ask the question “Is process characterization optional anymore?”

End-to-End Analytical Technology for Process and Quality Improvements in Biologic Drug Production

Biopharma manufacturing requires careful process analysis to successfully produce protein-based therapeutics. Join this webinar to learn how Raman, NIR, and mass spectrometry provide raw material ID and bioprocess monitoring for cell culture and fermentation monitoring, moisture analysis of lyophilized materials, and near real-time discrimination of bulk protein product

Why are Lipid Formulations Commonly Used to Enhance Bioavailability?

During this webinar, Thermo Fisher Scientific's Kaspar van den Dries and Helena Teles will discuss potential mechanisms of increased absorption with lipid formulations and appropriate screening tools that are used during the development approach of these formulations.