News of Note—Heartflow's noninvasive CAD test gets coverage in California, Alabama

Here's Friday's medtech news of note.

> Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Shield of California, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama have issued a positive medical policy for Heartflow’s noninvasive coronary artery disease test, the Heartflow FFRct Analysis, which uses CT images to create a 3D model of a patient’s coronary arteries. Release

> Thermo Fisher set up a consortium in Europe to push the adoption of next-generation sequencing clinical research panels to help identify biomarkers associated with cancer immunotherapy. Release

> Hologic is rolling out its Brevera breast biopsy system, the first to combine tissue acquisition, real-time imaging, sample verification and advanced postbiopsy handling in one system. Release

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> Baxter teams up with healthcare incubator Matter on products and technology based on patient-driven innovation. Release

> Abbott won reimbursement for its FreeStyle Libre glucose-monitoring system in Japan. Release