SAP recruits Validic to speed up patient data integration


Digital health player Validic is teaming up with SAP on patient-focused measures to improve health outcomes and provide personalized medicine, the company announced Tuesday at the SAP Personalized Medicine Forum in Bonn, Germany.

SAP is creating the SAP Connected Health Platform, which will integrate various types of data into one system. Through the partnership, Validic will help SAP and its healthcare clients to integrate patient data from medical records, genome sequencing, clinical devices, wearables and health apps, allowing providers to better evaluate health and offer personalized treatment options. These capabilities will enable the patient data integration required for the SAP Health Engagement solution, which is part of a suite of healthcare offerings, Validic said in a statement.

"SAP is building an ecosystem of partners on the SAP Connected Health platform to enable an effective use of health related data. Validic's global impact and leadership across a number of healthcare and life science verticals make them an ideal partner to add to this growing ecosystem," said Dr. Werner Eberhardt, chief product officer of Sap Connected Health, in the statement.

Validic has been on a partnering roll this year, joining forces with healthcare strategy group Omnicom in June to develop new ways to integrate data from wearables and remote monitoring devices. And in February, Validic embarked on a similar partnership with Philips ($PHG), which is working to integrate data into its HealthSuite platform.

These partnerships highlight a trend toward data sharing and digital healthcare to improve patient outcomes. In its most recent financing round, the Durham, NC-based company raised $12.5 million to accelerate healthcare data integration.

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