AstraZeneca, Cambridge University and Lumicks formed a discovery hub focused on visualizing the molecules behind disease pathways and treatments.

PPD unveiled an enrollment model that identifies eligible patients and connects them with study sites before startup, inverting the typical process.

Syneos and Elligo will work together to recruit patients using EHRs and provide tools necessary for physicians to conduct research in their offices.

Greenphire partnered with Lyft to provide a seamless method for clinical trial site coordinators to book and reimburse rides for study participants.

Benchling raised $14.5 million in series B funding to build out its staff and develop its cloud-based data management and collaborative R&D platforms.

Admescope has acquired Swedish CRO MetaSafe, which focuses on metabolic research and drug biotransformation. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Icon signed an agreement with AG Mednet to use its electronic endpoint adjudication system to manage workflow and ensure data quality.

LabCorp acquired postmarket services provider Sciformix and plans to integrate it with Covance. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.