British-based oncology R&D charity Cancer Research UK will inject £45 million ($63 million) across its clinical trial network in the U.K.

Those participating in a startup support program will gain immediate access to Science Exchange’s outsourced R&D platform.

The new solution aims to streamline the incorporation of human genomic data into clinical trial designs.

Charles River Laboratories snatches up nonclinical CRO MPI Research for $800 million in cash.

HemaCare will evaluate human PBMCs in advance for use in Charles River's immunodeficient mouse kits.

Abcam and Molecular Devices combine their technologies in a series of high-sensitivity fluorescent enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits.

Charles River will perform HTS programs for its clients using AstraZeneca’s state-of-the-art HTS facility.

A 14% hit rate for drug approvals coming out of clinical trials might not sound great, but MIT researchers say this is much higher than they thought.

This is the first time a research manufacturer has enabled on its website direct ordering of services provided by those using its products.