ProofPilot to integrate patient verification tools in partnership with Verified Clinical Trials

Verified Clinical Trials will integrate its research participation verification tools into ProofPilot’s clinical trial automation platform in a new strategic partnership, the trial solutions providers announced March 19. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

“Our goal is to give sponsors the best chance at providing the safety and efficacy of their drugs through workflow automation,” ProofPilot CEO Chris Venezia said in a press release. “With VCT, we will streamline the sites’ ability to ensure the right patient is enrolled in trials.” 

VCT is a research subjects verification service that helps biopharma companies keep out duplicate or “professional” research subjects who enroll in multiple trials simultaneously, an issue that could undermine a trial’s integrity. It maintains global databases of clinical trial subjects enrolled in phases 1 through 4, including a registry specifically for central nervous system and psychiatry participants. VCT operates in 50 countries, according to its website. 

New partner ProofPilot’s platform automates a wide range of tasks related to keep trial protocols on track and consistent between sites. The company offers software tool packages that streamline workflows at sites and communicate with patients, such as an app that sends reminders about tasks.