PPD doubles down on Science 37 collab for siteless trial push

After a two-year collab, PPD wants more for Science 37 as it taps the study specialist for a deeper pact focusing in on digital trials.

The new deal, financials of which were not made public, will see PPD able to design, build, test, implement and execute digital trials using Science 37's DCT SaaS-based tech platform.

In essence, this will allow for “fully decentralized trials,” the pair said in a joint statement. This comes as PPD is set to be subsumed into new parent Thermo Fisher, which bought the company for $17.4 billion earlier this month.

This also adds to a growing list of CROs and biopharmas for Science 37, which uses both a physical and siteless clinical trial hybrid approach and has become more and more attractive as life science service companies have looked to find new ways to run tests amid a pandemic. PPD was an early backer of the company.

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“Our success with Science 37 has positioned us well to implement and incorporate its technology platform into our clinical trial services model, which is on course with our efforts to maintain a leadership position in the global transition toward decentralized clinical trials,” said Niklas Morton, senior vice president of PPD Digital.

“Our overall DCT strategy is to offer customers more trial delivery options, particularly in a stepwise fashion where the customer can experience both traditional and digital approaches to sites and patients in the same study. Through our evolving collaboration, we will be able to use the Science 37 platform to provide our customers with a best-in-class service and delivery model.”