Medable, via Biden's Moonshot program, teams up with Aural Analytics for cancer data capture

Cancer Moonshot

Medable, flush from a group of high-end finding rounds and pacts, is partnering up its siteless trial tech with Aural Analytics in a federally funded cancer study data capture project.

The pair, using cash from the National Institutes of Health’s Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot program, will join forces to “assess remote data capture and digital biomarkers” in cancer patients, the companies said in a statement.

The exact financials of the deal were not disclosed, but Medable said it will use Aural Analytics’ clinical-grade speech collection and analytics tools, alongside other remote data capture options, to track the health of cancer patients via Medable’s software-as-a-service platform for decentralized trials.

Medable’s platform will tap Aural’s tech “to continuously capture data” through patients’ iPhones, tracking physical and physiological parameters to gauge their level of fatigue and physical capabilities.

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“We’re excited to work with Aural Analytics to integrate speech collection as another method for remote data capture that fits easily into patients’ lives,” said Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, Ph.D., senior vice president of research at Medable and principal investigator for the Digital Biomarkers study.

“Simple remote assessments reduce the burden on patients while removing geographic barriers to clinical trial participation. In many instances, longitudinal changes in remotely captured data will become essential for monitoring therapy-related declines and documenting early improvements. This will enable clinical teams to better serve patients and reduce trial timelines.”

“Our partnership with Medable highlights our joint commitment to address the dynamic needs of the clinical research and pharmaceutical communities,” added Daniel Jones, CEO and co-founder of Aural Analytics. “We are proud to provide our patient-friendly technology as part of Medable’s software ecosystem to enrich life sciences research with clinical-grade speech analytics.”