Leal Health launches analytics platform to enhance recruitment to cancer trials

Artificial-intelligence-powered tech firm Leal Health rolled out its latest analytics program designed to help sponsors and trial sites develop patient-focused programs, improve recruitment and provide more operational efficiencies.

The pitch from the company, formerly known as Trialjectory, is that the platform can integrate with a pharma or biotech’s existing online oncology clinical trial website.

“Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies exploring multiple cancer indications through various clinical trials have operated in silos, failing to capitalize on commonalities inherent across the trial recruitment process that collectively could help each individual trial be successful,” Leal's CEO Tzvia Bader said in a March 9 press release. “Eliminating these silos and better understanding the patient—with actionable data to back it up—is key.”

The company’s platform has had a digital finger in making more than 3.5 million treatment matches to date as well as adding over 4,000 new cancer patients to its rolls each month.

Leal Health uses AI to match cancer patients with the right clinical trials for their exact diagnosis. The system integrates real-world data from other patients with similar medical profiles, treatments and outcomes, enabling oncologists to accurately inform prospective patients about their treatment options.