Leal Health adds a 'first' with FDA-approved cancer treatment decision support service

Leal Health, an AI-powered health tech firm, expanded its platform with the addition of FDA-approved cancer treatment decision support—hailing the move as the first time a single point of access has been offered to patients.

Leal, formerly known as Trialjectory, has developed an AI technology platform that pairs patients with all available treatments based on their medical profiles, biomarkers and treatment preferences.

"For the first time, Leal is empowering cancer patients to digitally search for and find all relevant, personalized treatment options—whether it's a standard-of-care treatment, clinical trial or combination of the two—to discuss and evaluate alongside their oncologists," Tzvia Bader, Leal’s co-founder and CEO, said in the June 20 release.

Leal’s system integrates real-world data from patients with similar medical profiles, treatments and outcomes. The company has previously said the platform has taken part in more than 3.5 million treatment matches and is adding more than 4,000 new cancer patients to its rolls each month.