IQVIA launches new research network to better match patients to trials

Older patient using telehealth

Clinical trial data specialist IQVIA has boosted its research network in the U.S. and India as it looks to create a data-driven matchmaking service to place patients into clinical studies.  

It will do this via the launch of Avacare Clinical Research Network, a technology-based global site network that “opens opportunities for more clinical trials at experienced clinical and research sites,” according to its statement.

This isn’t entirely new, with the network formerly known as Qcare, but the updated Avacare version has now expanded to include sites in the U.S. and India, with coverage across 19 therapeutic areas.

IQVIA will tap into the network’s analytical tools to “deliver artificial intelligence-powered patient referrals and data-driven enrollment trends,” essentially using data to help sites in Avacare’s network match patients to clinical trials faster and more effectively.

“We believe combining clinical research and patient care produces better patient outcomes, reduces cost of care, and advances research that will benefit patients,” said Cynthia Verst, president, design and delivery innovation, research and development solutions at IQVIA.

This follows an increasing pattern from CROs to better match patients to trials by either partnering up with data firms or driving this change internally.

Just this week, Clinerion also announced it was seeking to boost its patient-trial matchmaking service with a new pact, with Big Pharmas are steadily teaming up with specialists to enhance the  use of tech to get patients into their trials.