Clinerion teams up with Wefight, tapping virtual support to help patients get into trials

Patients in a hospital waiting room
The pact will see Clinerion allow for "patient-centered recruitment." (Getty/SuwanPhoto)

Clinerion has penned a deal to tap Wefight’s so-called Vik app to help seek out patients and play matchmaker for them to join clinical trials.

Clinical research company Clinerion will combine its Patient Network Explorer platform, which allows trial sponsors to find patients for recruitment from its network of hospitals, with Wefight’s Vik, a “virtual companion” that allows patients to find out more about their diseases.

Under the deal, Vik will now also “leverage both retrospective data at the hospital level and direct-to-patient prospective data to identify, engage and recruit patients to participate in the most appropriate clinical trials, according to the trials’ protocol criteria,” according to a statement (PDF).

Clinerion says this goes deeper than its current network, because through partnership with Wefight the platform “now also powers patient-centered recruitment.” It should also help get more patients—and the right patients—into the right trials, a key ingredient in the clinical trial space and an ongoing battle.

Financial details of the tie-up were not disclosed.

“Many patients from our community are asking Vik, our virtual companion, to suggest the most appropriate trial they could participate in,” said Julien Moussalli, head of business development at Wefight. “Patients are willing to participate in research; our role is to make the process easier. Clinical trials should no longer fail because of unmet patient recruitment timelines.”

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“Clinerion is dedicated to improving patient health and outcomes by leveraging real-world data from its network of hospital partners,” added Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Partnership with Wefight gives additional options to patients and their treating physicians for the very best in patient care.”

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