Greenphire partners with Lyft to ease transport and retention of clinical study participants

Clinical trials financial software provider Greenphire has partnered up with Lyft to provide a more seamless experience for site coordinators to book and reimburse rides for study participants, with the goal of removing fiscal and logistical hurdles.

“Expense management and ground transportation are critical to participant retention. However, patient and site needs are not equal,” said Greenphire CEO Jim Murphy in a statement.

Integrated within the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based company’s ClinCard solution, the one application will allow a coordinator to order a car, reimburse for a ride and provide a stipend, in addition to centralizing a study’s participant retention budget and lowering administrative costs.

“This opportunity to extend our services with Greenphire allows us to work together to create the best experience for clinical trial participants and help to eliminate any complications for patients getting to and from their appointments,” said Lyft VP Gyre Renwick.

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In addition, Greenphire recently announced an expansion of its eClinicalGPS site payment solution for sponsors and contract research organizations. New features include customizable payment execution models, the ability to fund and pay in any currency and simplified administration of payments to contract staff.

In September of last year, Greenphire integrated ClinCard into mProve Health’s patient engagement mobile app, mPal, allowing participants to track their balance and transaction history alongside study appointments and medication reminders. According to Greenphire, ClinCard has facilitated over 6 million reimbursements to over 1 million trial participants.