Greenphire, mProve Health combine services to boost patient retention

Greephire has integrated its patient reimbursement solution into mProve Health's patient engagement app.

Both Greenphire and mProve Health are working to improve patients’ experience with clinical studies through mobile platforms. Now, the two have come together to make such experience even smoother.

Through an exclusive partnership the two just formed, ClinCard, Greenphire’s participant payment solution that comes with a reloadable debit card and a software, will be integrated into mProve’s patient engagement mobile app, mPal.

Prior to this deal, patients could receive study appointment and medication reminders, access their study visit schedule, documents and education materials, and request a lab courier pickup, all through the mPal app. Now, with the addition of ClinCard, which automates patient reimbursement, trial participants can also track their balance and transaction history on mPal.

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The idea behind Greenphire’s ClinCard service is simple. It saves research sites from administrative burden and helps them focus on more meaningful tasks such as advancing drug treatment and drugs. For patients, instead of waiting for their reimbursement to arrive in checks or money orders, they can get payments far more quickly, thus increasing their willingness to stay on with the study.

“Adding ClinCard capabilities to the mPal app creates a single, mobile touchpoint for patients to access their study services, eliminating the need to use different systems,” the companies said in a joint statement. “The combined solution will improve patients’ clinical trial experience and make it easier for them to fulfill study commitments.”

ClinCard has been used to execute more than 4.5 million reimbursements and payments to participants, Greenphire CEO Jim Murphy told FierceCRO. And mPal has become a patient engagement solution of choice for 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, according to mProve Health CEO Jeff Lee.

To Lee, engaging in a partnership was a very logical move; both companies shared the commitment in patient experience and have had a close relationship in the past with several common clients, including top CROs. “Making real-time trial payment information available in the app is a natural product extension,” he said.