Flatiron expands service with 'data empathy' aimed at oncology trials

Flatiron Health debuted its latest offering of its real-world evidence (RWE) platform to include data and end-to-end services focused on growing needs in the arena of oncology clinical trials.

The additions by Flatiron provide a one-stop-shop for oncology real-world data by giving customers more flexibility in the way they engage with the platform to deliver oncology evidence solutions tailored to their particular needs, the company said in a May 15 press release.

The company’s method is designed to minimize risks associated with RWD studies being conducted with scientists and clinicians who understand the complexities and nuances of the oncology electronic health records as applied to the development of RWE.

“We’ve developed extensive ‘data empathy,’ a multi-faceted, detailed knowledge and understanding of oncology EHR data,” Stephanie Reisinger, a Flatiron senior vice president and general manager of RWE, said in the release. “We’ve also built a world-class team of oncologists, researchers, and health data analysts who understand the intricacies of RWE generation for oncology.”

Reisinger added that the expanded offering will provide flexible, end-to-end evidence solutions, “whether it is the delivery of a custom oncology dataset or the execution of an oncology research project to answer a pressing clinical question.”

Earlier this month, Flatiron inked a deal with Sanofi to retool cancer clinical trials by leveraging more efficient transfers of data. The companies aim to reduce time spent on both manual, high-volume data entry and downstream data resolution issues, giving physicians and clinicians have more time to spend with patients. Under the agreement, the two companies will set data standards and mapping to increase the volume and types of data eligible for automated transfer.