Sanofi, Flatiron Health in pact to redesign oncology clinical trials

Sanofi and Flatiron Health have inked a partnership to re-tool clinical trials focused on cancer treatments by leveraging more efficient transfers of data.

The deal looks to improve clinical trial data acquisition, delivery, and quality through transferring data captured in the electronic health record (EHR) directly into the electronic data capture (EDC) system through Flatiron Health’s EHR-to-EDC product called Flatiron Clinical Pipe, the company said in a May 1 press release.

Financial terms of the agreement weren’t disclosed.

The goal is to reduce time spent on both manual, high-volume data entry and downstream data resolution issues, so physicians and clinicians have more time to spend with patients. The specific focus on oncology will ease sites' ability to take part in oncology trials by reducing cumbersome and time-consuming manual data entry, the company said.

Sanofi and Flatiron will set data standards and mapping to increase the volume and types of data eligible for automated transfer. By using the Flatiron Clinical program, the company believes it can reduce by half the number of queries, resulting in added efficiencies.

In January 2022, Flatiron took a big step in expanding its services globally through a partnership with Japan’s National Cancer Center Hospital East.