Clario partners with Strados to offer respiratory tech for clinical trials

In its second respiratory-focused deal of the month, Clario is partnering with Strados Labs to use its FDA-approved monitoring device for clinical trials.

Under the agreement, Philadelphia-based clinical health tech company Clarios gets access to Strados’ RESP Biosensor respiratory monitoring system that assesses lung sounds through smart sensor technologies, the company said in a March 21 release. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Strados' respiratory care platform evaluates sounds like wheezing and coughing, which are then sent to clinician portals that can determine the level of care needed through the use of AI.

“The RESP Biosensor’s capabilities eliminate the need for subjective self-reporting and introduce several new respiratory endpoints enabling sponsors to now demonstrate drug efficacy from different angles, enabling greater flexibility in the protocol design while reducing the burden for clinical sites and patients,” Achim Schülke, Clario’s chief innovation officer, said in the release.

The device weighs as much as a pen and is less than half an inch thick, making it easy for trial participants to wear on their chest under clothes. The device downloads its information to the Clario portal when being recharged.

Earlier this month, Clario inked a deal with tech startup ArtiQ to leverage AI to fine-tune the collection of spirometry data in respiratory trials.