Clario and startup ArtiQ partner to improve use of data in respiratory trials

Health tech firm Clario is linking up with tech startup ArtiQ to leverage AI to fine-tune the collection of spirometry data in respiratory trials.

Together, the two companies will be able to access an AI-based review of spirometry data on Clario's platform, the company said in a March 1 press release. Financial terms of the partnership weren’t disclosed.

“We will collaborate to optimize clinical trials that involve spirometry, challenge the status quo and unlock new levels of efficiency, quality and patient focus,” Achim Schülke, Clario’s chief innovation officer, said in the release. “Using AI, the experts on Clario's Overread team can focus on what matters most, which is identifying problematic data and outliers, tracking disease-related questions and assessing new endpoints.”

ArtiQ CEO Marko Topalovic said the company’s tech represents the future of spirometry data collection and will boost the efficiency of those data while increasing the chances for more positive patient outcomes. "At ArtiQ, we are committed to revolutionize the way highest quality data is collected in respiratory clinical trials, and our partnership with Clario is a key step in achieving this vision," he added.

The partnership appears to be in line with Clario’s new CEO Christopher Fikry’s vision for the company. After taking on the role in July, Fikry said the company was eyeing the emergence of decentralized and hybrid studies as a major growth opportunity.