Novo: no pancreatitis risk linked to Liraglutide

Hoping to calm worries spark by a recent announcement by the FDA that the diabetes drug Byetta is linked to a higher risk of acute pancreatitis, Novo Nordisk said that there is nothing in its data that suggests that the late-stage diabetes drug Liraglutide presents the same risk. "Type 2 (diabetes) patients and obese people have an increased risk of getting pancreatitis from the outset. So in relation to the placebo group we have not seen signs that liraglutide causes pancreatitis," said Novo Chief Science Officer Mads Krogsgaard.

- check out the report from Novo Nordisk

ALSO: After 30 reports of pancreatitis in patients using the injectable diabetes drug Byetta, the FDA has asked Lilly and its partner on the drug, Amylin, to revise its labeling. Report

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