Russian Innovation Week Conference to Showcase Business and Investment Opportunities in Russia

Government leaders, startups and VCs to discuss benefits of thinking beyond borders

Russian Innovation Week Conference to Showcase Business and Investment Opportunities in Russia

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The Russian Innovation Week Conference will bring together Russian and American startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and C-level executives to build strategic partnerships, explore investment opportunities and showcase new technology innovations. The inaugural event will be held at the in Mountain View, Calif., on Oct. 25 – 26, 2012. The RIW Conference is presented by the Russian Innovation Center, comprised of three leading Russian organizations: RUSNANO, RVC and the Skolkovo Foundation.

“I hope the conference will serve to stimulate new partnerships between U.S. and Russian companies and help tech entrepreneurs benefit from cross-border investment opportunities,” said Dmitry Akhanov, president and CEO of RUSNANO USA, Inc., a U.S.-based subsidiary of Russia’s state investment fund RUSNANO. “In the last three years, RUSNANO has invested $1.2 billion in 18 projects involving partnerships with U.S. companies, and we are actively seeking opportunities to increase our collaboration in the future.”

Focusing on the areas of biotech, life sciences, cleantech, nanotechnology and IT and communications, the RIW Conference will introduce American entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and executives to the abundance of opportunities in Russia.

“International cooperation is essential for Russian innovation development as a whole and for the Skolkovo project success in particular,” said Victor Vekselberg, president of the Skolkovo Foundation. “That is why we are collaborating with leading American corporations such as Cisco and Intel, as well as prestigious universities such as MIT, a world leader in research and education, on building the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. We are happy to participate in the RIW Conference to demonstrate the opportunities Skolkovo presents to Silicon Valley companies.”

The RIW Conference will feature prominent speakers, including top startup entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts from major companies with operations in Russia. Speakers include serial entrepreneur Dave McClure, Skolkovo Foundation Chief Investment Officer Alexander Lupachev, Plug and Play Tech Center CEO and Founder Saeed Amidi and the U.S. Department of State Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs Lorraine Hariton.

Approximately 300 attendees will take advantage of multiple networking opportunities and walk the exhibition floor, which will feature new Russian gadgets. In addition, American companies will share their best practices and success stories in partnering with Russia to tap new markets and open R&D centers or manufacturing facilities.

“The Russian market is starting to take shape, and it will continue to grow with the support of new investors and players in the market,” said of RVC CEO Igor Agamirzian. “We want to educate U.S. entrepreneurs and VCs about doing business in Russia and that it is a safe and lucrative place to operate in.”

To learn more or request an invitation to this event, visit . Please direct requests for press credentials or other media-related inquiries to .

The Russian Innovation Week Conference brings together leading startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and successful business leaders from the U.S. and Russia to forge mutually beneficial partnerships and build pathways for doing business in Russia. The conference is sponsored by the Russian Innovation Center (RIC), which was founded by Russian innovation and investment powerhouses RUSNANO, RVC and Skolkovo to facilitate innovation within Russian companies, connect innovative companies with venture capitalists and bring new products to the global marketplace.

RUSNANO is a $10 billion state-backed fund based in Russia with an investment focus on late-start venture capital and private equity deals in nanotechnology. Founded in 2007, RUSNANO invests in industries including clean energy and energy efficiency, life sciences and medical devices, and advanced materials in the semiconductor space.

RUSNANO USA, Inc., established in 2010 to represent the interests of RUSNANO and its portfolio companies in the U.S. and Canada, facilitates marketing of Russian nano-enabled products in world markets. RUSNANO USA organizes collaboration with American venture capital and direct investment funds, high-tech companies, universities and technology transfer centers that are interested in implementing joint projects with RUSNANO. For more information, visit .

RVC is a government fund of venture capital funds that channels public incentives to venture capital and financial support to the high-tech sector. RVC’s mission is to ensure faster development of an efficient and globally competitive innovation system and venture capital industry by engaging private venture capitalists, nurturing innovative entrepreneurship, technology and business expertise, and mobilizing Russian human resources. RVC currently backs 12 VC funds including 123 companies. For more information, visit .

RVC-USA was established in 2011 to act as a representative of RVC Moscow to promote bilateral investment opportunities between Russia and the U.S. Combining the best of both worlds to develop groundbreaking technology solutions will present a critical opportunity for global success between Russia and the U.S. The firm is headquartered in Boston and has an office in San Francisco. For more information on RVC-USA, visit .

The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to accelerate the transformation of Russia into an innovation-powered economy through strategic partnerships with leading scientists and innovators at more than 700 companies and startups. Founded in May 2010 by the Russian government, the Foundation strives to strengthen the link between Russia and international science, technology, education, entrepreneurial and investment communities through the development of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, which will establish a vibrant ecosystem of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. For more information, visit .

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