Topic: fatty liver disease

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NGM Biopharmaceuticals | Aldafermin

NGM Bio’s aldafermin is an engineered version of the hormone FGF19, which modulates two receptors: FGFR4, which regulates bile acid synthesis in the liver, and FGFR1c, a signaling receptor in body fat that regulates the creation of new fats, glucose management and body weight.
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Novartis | Tropifexor and licogliflozin

Novartis has two NASH prospects in phase 2. The first, tropifexor, is one of a crowd of FXR agonists, and the second, licogliflozin, is an SGLT1/2 inhibitor, which works by blocking the absorption and reabsorption of glucose—a mechanism familiar to diabetes that could make a dent in NASH.
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Gilead | Selonsertib, firsocostat and cilofexor

Gilead’s selonsertib was among the front-runners of the NASH race until it failed in a pair of phase 3 studies. But selonsertib’s journey is far from over. The company is testing it alongside firsocostat and cilofexor, drugs it picked up from Nimbus Therapeutics and Phenex Pharmaceuticals, respectively, in a phase 2 study.
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Allergan | Cenicriviroc

Allergan picked up its lead NASH program, cenicriviroc, in its 2016 acquisition of Tobira Therapeutics, just after it failed a phase 2b NASH study. With regulators’ support, Tobira retooled the endpoint for the phase 3 study, which Allergan is carrying forward.

Genfit | Elafibranor

Although Intercept’s OCA is on track to beat elafibranor to market, Genfit is hopeful its candidate could be better. For starters, it has a different mechanism: Elafibranor is a dual agonist of PPAR-alpha and PPAR-delta, a type of protein found inside cells that plays a role in cellular metabolism.