Talking technology and collaboration with Cytiva

Dr. Beate Mueller-Tiemann has spent the vast majority of her career working among the pharmaceutical giants.

The latest chapter of her career sees her serve as Chief Technology Officer at Cytiva, a global provider of technologies and services with a mission to advance and accelerate the development, manufacture and delivery of therapeutics.

Beate joined the company in the early part of 2023, having previously worked at Sanofi and Bayer. Her career has encompassed the entire pharma value chain, with key focus areas including early target discovery, lead generation, lead optimization, cell line development, chemical manufacturing and control (CMC) production and commercial manufacturing.

Beate also keenly supports female talents through participation in mentoring programs. Additionally, she is a member of FiDAR, an association which seeks to increase the representation of women on German corporate boards.

In this discussion, Beate talks about her passion for technology and how her career has been defined by working with technology to bring new solutions to patients and improve health outcomes.

To hear this and more, including detail around the ongoing work Cytiva is engaged in, listen to the full conversation today.


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