RenMab™ Mouse: a leading platform for fully human antibody generation

A streamlined antibody discovery workflow by Biocytogen

Antibody is one of most important therapeutic agents in modern medicine. For clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies, it is mandated to explore the mechanics of antibody drugs to minimize their adverse side effects and maximize their therapeutic properties in order to increase the chance of success during clinical trials. Dedicated to empower healthcare science with innovative models, Biocytogen has recently developed a fully human antibody (RenMab™) Mouse to address the rising demand of high quality fully human antibodies, which are often considered good drug candidates due to their generally lower immunogenicity compared to conventional murine antibodies. Development of therapeutics using fully human antibody also brings the benefit of reduced time and cost associated with antibody humanization.

Chromosome engineering technology developed at Biocytogen allows the modification of large chromosomal fragments in the Mb range, as well as the in situ replacement of mouse antibody genes with the human counterparts in their original, authentic position within the mouse genome. As a result, the entire mouse antibody heavy chain VDJ region is replaced with its full human heavy chain VDJ counterpart (123-129V, 27D, and 9J), along with the entire mouse kappa light chain VJ region with its full human kappa VJ counterpart (76V, 5J) in the RenMab™ mouse model. The RenMab™ model has also demonstrated a similar immune response to the wildtype strain as it carries the full human antibody repertoire. Together with Biocytogen’s in vivo ranking studies using humanized models, the RenMab™ Mouse platform can rapidly generate and screen antibodies to obtain high quality therapeutic candidates more efficiently than the common workflow utilized today in the antibody development market.

Biocytogen is an industry-leader in both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets with its robust Embryonic Stem Cell/Homologous Recombination (ESC/HR) platform and proprietary Extreme Genome Editing (EGE™) gene-editing technology, in addition to chromosome engineering technology. The EGE™ system, a CRISPR/Cas9-based approach, can increase the homologous recombination rate by 10–20 fold over the standard CRISPR/Cas9 protocol. Several high-quality humanized models, including knock-in/knock-out and severely immuno-deficient mouse models have been used by Biocytogen customers worldwide to evaluate their therapeutic molecules. In the future, Biocytogen is looking to expand its pipeline of humanized mouse models with unique immune properties focused in the translational medical research market such as MHC, TCRa/TCRb, and NK cluster models.

Commitment to an unparalleled customer experience, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee of service, is what differentiates Biocytogen from other CRO providers in the market today. Biocytogen offers its gene-editing, humanized animal models, antibody discovery and preclinical stage pharmacology services with a proven track record of successfully bringing potential drug candidates to clinical trials. With the launch of a fully human antibody platform, Biocytogen is positioning itself to become the best-in-class industry leader for therapeutic antibody discovery services and a true one-stop solution from target to IND application.

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