MyData-TRUST is becoming the undisputed world leader in Data Protection for Health Research

According to the Data Breach Indicator, 34.4 percent of all data breaches worldwide come from the healthcare sector. In 2019, the number of compromised patient records even passed the 25 million mark.

The healthcare sector remains one of the most affected sectors regarding Data Protection, largely due to:

  • Insufficient legal basis for data processing
  • Insufficient technical and organizational measures to ensure information security
  • Non-compliance with general data processing principles
  • Insufficient fulfilment of data subjects’ rights.

The protection of personal data is therefore no longer just a compliance or security issue, but now represents a strategic topic for all healthcare organizations.

MyData-TRUST was created to support organizations (public and private) active in the healthcare industry in their compliance with data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented in Europe in 2018. The main strength of MyData-Trust is its multidisciplinary team, composed of data protection managers specialized in data management, pharmacovigilance, site monitoring, etc., data protection lawyers and cyber-security specialists,   strongly trained in Data Protection. MyData-TRUST decided to bet on this double expertise to successfully implement data protection requirements. The role of their experts is to put in place the right rules and procedures to build a real data protection culture in the organizations of the sector, thus avoiding the risk of fines or violations.

“Thanks to its qualitative and dedicated services, MyData-TRUST has become the world leader in the healthcare sector within just a few years. We understand the stakes but also the existing regulations/guidelines of this sector which influence the implementation of the project", said Gautier SOBCZAK, co-founder and CBO of MyData-TRUST.

From 2017 to 2021, MyData-TRUST has seen its expertise developed and supports today more than 250 customers worldwide. MyData-TRUST was recognized as one of the most promising and fastest growing companies in 2020 and is now among the top 10 data protection solution providers in the world.

After almost 4 years of strong experience with the GDPR, the multiplicity of data protection rules in Health Research has led MyData-TRUST to open its field of expertise to other international legislations. “GDPR is no longer the only instrument to be used for improving the capacity in health research in the coming future”, said Gautier.

Many countries have realized that data protection is essential for the future. A lot of activities have now taken place online and even if the connection feels good around the world, the importance of privacy and data protection is increasingly recognized. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 128 out of 194 countries in the world have  legislation to secure the protection of data and privacy.

“In addition to consulting services provided and in a constant effort to remain on the forefront of technology that facilitate compliance, MyData-TRUST decided in 2021 to embark on the path of developing innovative Data Privacy tools. This is how our first tool was born: the GDPR e-Learning”, Gautier SOBCZAK.

Based on its  experience with the GDPR, MyData-TRUST, specialized in data protection and security, has set up a new 100% online operational tool that supports GDPR requirements in terms of awareness-raising and training of staff involved in personal data processing operations: The GDPR e-Learning.

It has become clear that a compliance approach to Data Protection regulations such as the GDPR  must be adopted. Raising awareness and training staff in GDPR helps to create a real culture of data protection within the company and therefore avoid common mistakes causing data breaches.

Discover all the GDPR e-learning courses:
It is an online training tool exclusively dedicated to the GDPR where you will find 10 complete trainings sessions lasting from 20min to 1h30 and 2 advantageous packages.

In addition to this learning tool, several other innovations are currently under development. Unfortunately we cannot say more for confidentiality reasons but we can't wait to find out!

Organizations but also every Human being should know their rights and duties.

MyData-TRUST works in this way, in a sector where a data breach can have a critical impact on the patient’s life. Their mission is to support Life Sciences companies to be prepared for Data Protection Regulations and protect their patient’s data.

If you are a company working in Health Research that  needs support in the implementation of the data protection regulations, contact them!

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