Changing Tomorrow in Cancer Care Starts with Our Commitment to Patients and Caregivers

By Mark Reisenauer, Senior Vice President, Oncology Business Unit, Astellas Pharma US

When Astellas entered oncology ten years ago, we knew that making a measureable difference in fighting cancer would require an unwavering commitment to patients and their loved ones. Since then, I have enjoyed the privilege of seeing Astellas impact the lives of millions of patients living with cancer around the world. This growth is due, in no small part, to our dedication to understanding the unique needs of those living with cancer and developing impactful offerings to meet those needs. This dedication is our north star and its light is reflected in everything we do: from our selective approach to research and development to our carefully chosen global partnerships.  

In just over a decade, we’ve become an emerging leader in oncology with the development of leading treatments in lung and prostate cancer. To date, this world-class platform has been made possible only because of dynamic and innovative collaborations. We recognize that bringing the most promising new cancer medicines to patients requires collective thinking and exploration within and among the cancer community. We have assembled the best and brightest scientists at Astellas to engage with external academic institutions, research networks, startups and other pharmaceutical companies to explore novel targets and potential therapeutic molecules for patients.

For example, we are exploring potential new therapies in multiple tumor types by leveraging a vast network of research collaborators including Potenza Therapeutics, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson), and other leading institutions. By combining collaboration, cutting-edge technology and innovative discovery platforms, we seek to develop targeted cancer treatments and comprehensive support solutions aimed at improving the standard of care for patients around the globe who are living with cancer. 

Our commitment to cancer care goes beyond treatments and into the communities where we work and live. We are proud of longstanding relationships with leading cancer care and patient advocacy organizations that provide a vital role in educating patients and their caregivers about their disease and provide invaluable emotional and practical support. In 2016, these partnerships supported the success of the inaugural Astellas Oncology C3 Prize, a challenge designed to inspire novel, non-treatment and non-medicine based innovations to improve the cancer care experience for patients, caregivers and loved ones.

As the global cancer burden grows, we are fueled by a profound sense of urgency to change tomorrow by helping the millions of people affected by cancer focus on living today. And we hope that combining treatment and non-treatment solutions to meet the needs of those living with cancer will propel us to impact even more patients in the future.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.