Top 15 Biotech Venture Capital Deals of 2010

by Maureen Martino, Liz Jones-Hollis and Erica Teichert

Last year biotech venture capital investing began to recover from its 2009 low, growing three percent in the number of dollars raised and eight percent in the number of deals which were struck. That represents a significant bounce-back from 2009, which saw biotech investing plummet 19 percent during the worst of the economic crisis.

With the help of data provided by the National Venture Capital Association, we've compiled a list of the promising biotech companies which were the most successful at raising money in 2010. Our top VC earner in 2010--Pacific Biosciences--is making its last appearance on this list; the sequencing company launched a successful IPO late last year after raising its sixth and last round of funding.

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1. Pacific Biosciences - $109M
2. Reata Pharmaceuticals - $78M
3. Relypsa - $70M
4. Pearl Therapeutics - $69M
5. NanoInk - $65M
6. TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals - $59.83
7. Achaogen - $56.31M
8. Otonomy - $49.07M
9. Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals - $45M
10. Agile Therapeutics - $45M*
11. Incline Therapeutics - $43M
12. NeuroTherapeutics - $43M
13. Cellular Dynamics International - $40.6M
14. Calistoga Pharmaceuticals - $40.22M
15. Sagent Pharmaceuticals - $40M
16. Complete Genomics - $39M
17. Intrexon - $37.51M

* Article updated to include Agile Therapeutics, which raised $45 million in 2010 and NeuroTherapeutics, which raised $43 million.