Top 10 medical device venture capital deals, H1 2011

By Liz Hollis, Erica Teichert and Skye Toor

Welcome to FierceMedicalDevices' look at the top VC deals of the first half of 2011. Using information from, we at FMD checked up on some of the most promising companies around today. We found one deal cracked the $100 million mark, and there were quite a few other big bank deals as well.

This past quarter saw medical device investments increase 9% in dollars, but decline 17% in deals compared with the same period last year, according to the PwC U.S. report, "High-dollar Deals." The pace in terms of money seems to be continuing this quarter. Last week, Entellus announced it had raised $35 million in Series E.

1. Cameron Health  - $107M
2. Intrapace - $60.9M  
3. CardioDx - $60M
4. PixelOptics - $45M
5. Moximed - $43.3M

6. Miramar - $35.8M
7. BenVenue - $35.5M
8. Novasom - $35M
9. NeoVista - $33.8
10. VisionCare Ophthalmic - $31M