Tetraphase - Top 15 Biotech VC Deals of 2010

Company: Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals
Based: Watertown, MA
Amount: $45M

Investors: Excel Venture Management, CMEA Ventures, Fidelity Biosciences, Flagship Ventures, Mediphase Venture Partners and Skyline Ventures

Scoop: 2010 Fierce 15 winner Tetraphase early last summer brought in a $45 million C round--a hefty chunk of cash that will open a development runway stretching out up to two-and-a-half years. CEO Guy Macdonald told FierceBiotech the company will put its technology for developing a better breed of tetracycline antibiotics to the clinical development test, taking a lead program--TP-434--through Phase II and ushering two more into the clinic. By the end of this stretch, the biotech should be able to position itself for a collaboration deal and possibly even an IPO.


Tetraphase - Top 15 Biotech VC Deals of 2010