St. Jude Medical's EnligHTN

Courtesy of St. Jude Medical

What To Know: EnligHTN lags behind Medtronic's Symplicity in chronological terms, getting its CE mark in May, but St. Jude ($STJ) says its device saves patients time in the clinic. EnligHTN works much the same way Medtronic's device does, using radiofrequency ablation to dull renal nerves, but instead of one electrode tip, St. Jude's tech uses four, making for a shorter procedure time. Furthermore, St. Jude's latest study data finds that EnligHTN  lowered patients' blood pressure by 28 mmHg over 30 days, making it twice as effective as Symplicity. Medtronic ($MDT), no stranger to squabbling with its neighboring device giant, dismissed these findings as "interesting" but merely "hypothesis-generating."

What's Next: Since launching EnligHTN, St. Jude has been working to build the device's profile in Europe, releasing positive early data in May and following up last month at the European Society of Cardiology conference. In the latest study of 46 hypertensive patients, patients experienced an average 22 mmHg drop in blood pressure upon leaving the hospital and another 6 mmHg drop at the study's 30-day milestone. St. Jude hasn't announced plans to pursue FDA approval, though it is likely to file with the agency after Medtronic's pivotal trial has concluded.

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St. Jude Medical's EnligHTN