2012 revenue: $17.7 billion
2011 revenue: $17.4 billion

Year in review: For 2012, it was essentially "steady as she goes." The German conglomerate said its healthcare division, for example, generated a nice healthy jump in revenue year over year, in contrast to other divisions at the company. And the company scored some wins through the year, including FDA clearance for its new, state-of-the-art Magnetom Spectra 3 Tesla MRI system and the strategic acquisition of Penrith, a Pennsylvania startup focused on developing ultrasound imaging systems. Bloomberg noted at the time of the acquisition deal that it was part of Siemens' ($SI) overall strategy of boosting its healthcare division's product line and competitiveness. But in mid-2012, controversy continued. Siemens disclosed it is being investigated in Germany for alleged payments made by a subsidiary to an unnamed Russian company, and in the U.S. regarding an unnamed "diagnostics process," though the company declined to elaborate further.

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